Welcome to Trireme in New York

Plans are being made to bring the Hellenic Navy vessel Olympias for its first voyage in the U.S.  A world-class exhibition on Athenian maritime history is among the many exciting activities being organized to promote the ship's historic visit and enhance public awareness of the significance of triremes in the development of democratic ideals.

The H.N. Olympias is a full-scale, working replica of the legendary 170-oared Athenian trireme of the 5th century B.C. The ship is the fastest human-powered vessel on the planet. Members of the public will have a unique and exciting opportunity to watch as Olympias is rowed and sailed in our harbor. For people looking for a fitness challenge, we will be recruiting and training teams of 170 men and women to participate in sea-trials and other nautical events.

Olympias has left Greece only once, when it visited London in 1993, to help commemorate the 2,500th anniversary of democracy. The ship carried the Olympic flame prior to the 2004 Athens Summer Games.  We look forward to sharing this magnificent vessel, as well as great history of the Athenian maritime empire, with New Yorkers and visitors alike.

To watch Olympias in action, please click the links below: